Tranquility of forest brings the tropical county

A tropical rainforest journey into nature’s wonderland, Forest county- is an exquisite getaway of wildlife thrives where you can view exotic wilderness. A great place that gives you unbeatable nature retreats to treasure and takes home with. Be ready to experience Forest county’s amazing realm of biodiversity located at the top level of Munnar amidst evergreen mountains to take jungle luxury to kick it up a notch.


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Our Top 3 Rooms

Begin your idyllic journey to nature with Forest county in a perfect blend of peace and comfort. There are three suites; each has its own calm and relaxing space where you can forget the outside world for as long as you wish.

Deluxe Suite

A classic suite, ideal for honeymoon couples, friends groups and as well as a family looking out amenities in elegance.
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Executive Suite

An extravagant large suite in a spacious hospice. Your stay will be the ultimate in privacy, and discretion, leaving you completely undisturbed in your romantic cocoon.
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Heritage Suite

This grandeur suite is perfectly matched by well-appointed sumptuous wood furnishing in traditional decor.
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Our Guests Says

Dining with
Forest County

Forest County earned its popularity with its intoxicating aromas, bursting flavours and rife with textures linger in the mouth for long and the essence of the food lasts in the mind and memory.
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