Our Story

A tropical rainforest journey into nature’s wonderland, Forest county- located at 1500m above from western ghats of Munnar amidst evergreen mountains. Travelers can gear up for a tranquil vacation starts with an off-road jeep safari of 2kms with an exquisite getaway of wildlife thrives where you can view exotic wilderness, a golden ticket to get closer to nature for all the travelers.

Forest county is renowned for the place to cut out single-use plastic for eco-sensitive and heritage conservation by preserving the nature and culture of the land. This resort serene with the strides in eliminating carbon footprint with the completion of a solar project.

The distinctive interior design, intimate atmosphere together with the attentive, impeccable services of staff retreats the guest’s to take jungle luxury kick it up a notch.

Why You'll Love Forest County

Trekking, Off-Road Jeep Safari, Bone Fire
A bumpy ride on a Jeep towards a lush green forest in Munnar, with the wind blowing through your hair and fresh oxygen everywhere, is the best plan for you to reconnect with nature. Forest County offers to rekindle your spirit in this serene natural haven with a vigorous walk on trails, and reignite your soul that burns with greater fury are must when you are in Munnar.
Exquisite Hotel Design Inspired by Nature
A spacious portray with lots of natural light grabs our guest’s attention as soon as they set foot into the Forest county. The space has clean lines and a neutral color palette to create a fresh feeling no matter what time of day or season.  We maintain an air of freshness around the premises and bring a sense of rejuvenation where one can experience the most memorable trip of their life.
Free High-Speed Wireless Internet
We know High-speed internet services have become an essential part of personal, professional, and commercial communication. We provide essential wireless internet facilities to our guests so that you can enjoy a comfortable stay.
The Best Food & The Best View
How about traverse in the lap of luxury Invigorates in a green blanket of valleys and feel good at the same time with scrumptious dishes? Magical isn’t it!!! Come visit us….